About Us:

We are a family business, supporting our four boys (Judah, Luke, Caleb & Elijah) in their love of climbing with some chalk sales.


We climb at City Rock, Cape Town, several times a week, most weeks. You are welcome to contact us to arrange to meet up. You can then test the chalk before you buy. We accept cash or card (via Yoco machine) in person, or you can order online here and we will ship to you via PUDO for a flat rate.

Contact Caleb on 0799382641 to arrange meet up.

Reasons to buy our chalk:

  • You like super fine, pure chalk
  • You climb, or do gymnastics, or lift weights and have a use for inexpensive high quality chalk
  • You like supporting small family businesses
  • You love climbmeleons 🙂

Reasons NOT to buy our chalk:

  • You like chunky chalk (our chalk is super fine)
  • You like scented chalk (our chalk is just chalk)
  • You like additives in your chalk (our chalk is pure MgCO3)
  • You like fancy packaging (our packaging is basic)
    • fancy packaging is expensive — easily more than the cost of the chalk!